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Beijing Puhua International Hospital is one of the leading medical centers in China, and is very experienced with the advanced treatment methods that may greatly improve and benefit the MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY patient.


The newest bio-therapies can provide, in conjunction with traditional approaches and physical rehabilitation provide varying levels of improvement to patients who suffer from MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY (MD), and may provide a range of improvements to patients who suffer from various stages of MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY.




                                              Name: Alexey Nechaev

                                              Age: 9

                                              Gender: Male

                                              Country: Russia

                                              Diagnosis: Progressive Muscular Dystrophy (Duchenne Type)


Patient Alexey Nechaev was a 9 year old boy from Russia who was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospitaldue to “progressive powerlessness in four limbs for seven years,” with a diagnosis of: Progressive muscular dystrophy (Duchene’s).

After admission, several medical protocols were applied including: biotherapy, treatment to improve cerebral blood circulation and nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and rehabilitation therapy.


Improvement was noted from the first treatment. He could change his position from sitting on a chair to standing more quickly. The excessive anterior tilt of his abdomen and pelvis while walking is better now. He is able to stand up and step forward more easily compared with his prior condition. The sole of his left foot can completely touch the ground when he walks, while the sole of his right foot can mostly touch the ground. Alexey could go to the toilet by himself and walk about 50 meters. When he was doing the “throwing and catching ball” training in the rehabilitation center, his speed and power were better than before treatment. He was soon able to throw the ball 2 meters horizontally. Furthermore, he can now continue the rehabilitation training for more than 20 minutes without feeling tired.


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